The Author in a Nutshell

Following a lively childhood growing up in Wyoming (dust in my teeth all summer, frozen nose hairs all winter), I headed west to Southern California for college. I enrolled about seven seconds after seeing the university brochure photo whose caption stated, “Students relax on the quad {under a palm tree} in January.” January?!

I have lived for various lengths of time in Paris, Kansas City, and Southern California. I now call Colorado home, but still love to travel and pepper my life with visits to New Zealand with my Kiwi husband and dual-citizen son. I am still adventure-seeking after having worked as an actuarial analyst, art school model, river raft guide, private pilot, business analyst, and air cargo worker at South Pole Station, Antarctica.

Being 37 when my son was born, I was already accustomed to looking at life with an explorer’s eye, but never dreamed of all the hidden perks parenthood would offer. Now I share the surprise and wonder of seeing what’s around the next corner with two wonderful dudes, one a smaller version of the other.